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Calibre Aluminium Extrusion is an organization engaged in the manufacturing of Aluminium extrusions in India.

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Calibre Aluminium Extrusion is a manufacturer of Aluminium Extrusion profiles in Jamnagar, Gujarat. We are Leading Aluminium Extrusion supplier in Delhi as well as many other cities. We are an Aluminium extrusion manufacturer with a wide variety of applications.

We are well equipped with the Best in class plant machinery which allows us to reduce the expenses of the production and because of that we are able to supply aluminium extrusion at best rate in India. To ensure the quality of our products we use high-quality raw materials and qualified experienced and trained workforce.

Calibre Aluminium Extrusion has been formed to meet the challenges of this highly competitive and esteemed Indian markets and is well known as an Aluminium extrusion supplier in Delhi as well as Many other States of India. We have a wide range of Aluminium Section which is used in applications such as Architectural, Hardware, Textiles, Transport, Luggage, Modular furniture, Air conditioning, Electronics and solar.

Calibre Aluminium Extrusion is committed to becoming the most trusted and preferred Aluminium extrusion manufacturer by ensuring total customer satisfaction through competitive pricing, custom-engineered solutions for all technical challenges, engineering excellence, quality and on-time delivery.


Calibre Aluminium Extrusion's goal is to completely and competitively cater to the needs of our customers. We believe in the importance of being well informed of the markets we wish to serve as a foundation for the skills and capabilities required to better assist our customers.

We aim to be the most innovative, value-adding business in our industry, by continuously enhancing our portfolio of products and improving the quality of the service we provide to our customers.

Our core intent is to create innovative solutions and sustainable models that create value for our customers and provide high-quality Aluminium extrusion products at the best possible price point.


Calibre Aluminium Extrusion realizes that every project is different. To create custom products that better meet your requirements, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art extrusion press, billet heating and handling equipment along with enhancing our engineering capabilities. We can produce aluminium extrusion sections with complex multi-void hollow shapes, tight tolerances extruded to your specifications.


Calibre Aluminium Extrusion has an annual capacity of 3500 metric tons under one roof with a hydraulic extrusion press of 750 metric tons which is controlled by Microprocessor-based technology and programmable logic control (PLC) system. We have a completely integrated plant with a billet casting facility and our in-house foundry furnace.

We have a fully integrated plant with a Billet casting facility and our in-house foundry furnace.

  • A 750 metric tons two column hydraulically operated, microprocessor controlled extrusion press that has the ability to extrude 4-inch diameter billets.
  • A high-energy efficient billet heater that ensures uniform temperature during extrusion.
  • A completely automatic Extrusion section pullar and handling system that ensures the extruded profiles are straight.
  • Superior quality aluminium extrusion handling workforce that keeps the extrusion profile damage free.
  • An imported microprocessor controlled artificial aging furnace that ensures uniform temperature spread and flow of air to the extruded profiles during heat treatment process.
  • An in-house alloying and melting furnaces for the casting of billets.

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Plot no. 11, R.S. No. 224
Opp. Association office, Naghedi, Jamnagar

97268 98007